Metal-Based Restoration


Tower's PFM is porcelain-fused metal restoration combining proven traditional techniques and the latest advancements in ceramic technology. Using the finest alloy and ceramic available, each of our highly skilled technicians fabricates what is in essence a work of art for your mouth.

- Available in base, noble and high noble alloys
- Perfectly matched coefficient of alloy thermal expansion to ensure long term fracture resistance
- Quality controlled from start to finish
- Fabricated and milled in-house


- Inlay/Onlay

TS² Full Cast

Tower's full cast restoration continues to be preferred option because of its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, biocompatibility, and exceptional fit. Our yellow gold meets ADA specifications for "noble" or "high-noble" gold that exhibits a deep, rich yellow color. Tower also offers a wide variety of choices from base alloy to high-noble white gold to fit your particular needs.

- Durable, excellent for bruxer and tight occlusal space
- Biocompatibility
- Fabricated and milled in-house


- Anterior
- Veneers


Tower is proud to announce we are a Captek-certified laboratory. Captek uses advanced "Capillary Casting Technology" to produce gold-color coping, an ideal background to achieve high esthetic crown and bridges. With Captek from Tower, you get positive gingival health, highlevel esthetics, and competitive prices.

- Advance metallurgic (nano) technology
- Superb micromechanical bond to porcelain w/ no oxide layer to tarnish porcelain
- Eliminates black or gray gingival lines
- Versatile applications from single crowns to long span bridges
- Fabricated and and milled in-house


- Inlay/Onlay